Monday, September 6, 2010

The opportunity that was..

I have decided to pass on the restaurant job opportunity.
I just don't feel right about taking a job that doesn't pay right now. I need to be focused on finding a job that will provide an income and relieve some of the stress we are feeling. Traveling back to MI took a really huge chunk out of our savings so we are hitting this job search even harder than maybe if we had more of a nest egg.

How was everyones weekend? Happy labor day!
Wow, I can't believe it's September already. Don't look now but Christmas is just around the corner.

Eric and I took a long walk tonight up to the International Rose Garden. It's probably about a mile from our house. Here are a few photos. Sorry about the quality-there from our iphones.

There were fields and field of these roses. Pretty much every single kind you can think of, in every color imaginable.
I think it's towards the end of the season from them here because they were all starting to look a little sad.

Welp. Tomorrow the job search continues, and Eric has a meeting with someone in the PSU engineering masters program.



  1. Beautiful pictures. What a great place to live with so many things to choose from. It makes me happy to see you happy. But I miss you daily.