Monday, September 20, 2010

The adventure continues...

Today in the wonderful world of food processing, I blended up some peanut butter. I'm almost out of almond butter, but at this point, almonds are to expensive..soo...peanut butter is born.

And then because I had it on hand, I added some honey and chocolate powder.

It does not look very appetizing in the photo...I blame our lighting...but it tastes really good.

So four cups of roasted unsalted peanuts makes about 22 oz. of peanut butter.
For me that broke down to $4 in peanuts=HUGE savings.
Especially when you start to mix in flavors like coconut or chocolate or cinnamon.
Now all we need is for one of us to get a job so we can afford different kinds of nuts to experiment with.

Speaking of which, I spent the entire morning applying to places online and then calling around to see if the positions were still available.
I got a lot can try back later, or we will look over the applications and start doing interviews.

Hopefully tomorrow we will hear something on Eric's job. Good or bad, I'm ready to hear something at least!

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