Sunday, September 19, 2010

A food processor that will change my life

The other day, we were browsing the thrift store that is literally right around the corner.
We were looking for a microwave or a toaster oven-we really need one of those.
Anyways...I was walking around the appliances when all of a sudden, I saw it.
A mint condition (ok it was a little dirty) 12 cup Kitchen Aid food processor.
I almost peed myself.
(to much?)
I dragged Eric over to look at it, and upon further investigation, (I wiped out an iPhone and goggled the value) I found out this particular model sells brand new for about two hundred bucks.
Guess how much the thrift store wanted?
$15 dollars!!!!!
Of course that was way to much money so I turned and walked away.

Um...heck no. I grabbed onto that processor so fast!
That has got to be the deal of a lifetime.
Eric can testify, I talked and talked about how excited I was to find it for hours!
I definitely think I annoyed him just a lil bit. =o) Totally worth it!

So the first thing I made with it, was coconut butter. I have never had coconut butter before, but I like coconut and I like coconut oil so...

Basically you just put however much coconut you want into the processor and blend away. Eventually it becomes kind of like a nut butter texture.
I thought it was pretty good. Kind of bland, not sweet since I used unsweetened coconut..but really not bad. I am excited to try and add things into it like spices or honey.

I am sooo excited about the adventures I am going to have with my food processor.
I will be sure to post some yummy things I try out.
Next on the list is homemade almond butter since I am almost out!

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