Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have been on the prowl for a toaster oven on Craigslist.
We found one we want at Target, but at $70ish bucks, it's definitely out of our price range right now.
On Thursday I came across an ad for a free one in NE Portland!
All we had to do was go get it ($5bucks via train)
Not a bad deal.

Now that I had the oven, what was I going to bake?
We decided on chocolate chip oatmeal raisin coconut cookies. Also pumpkin scones and naan bread.

Cookies. Which were ok. Nothing amazing. I tried this new recipe and I thought it left them very dry. It didn't have any eggs in it, so it was almost a Vegan cookie. But I didn't use vegan butter. I just thought they crumbled easily. Not bad flavor. But needs work!

Pumpkin scones. Also not an amazing recipe. I used one off of a blog I read, and I thought they were very bland. You really couldn't taste the pumpkin at all. I ended up cooking up a honey pumpkin spice glaze to put on top because they were just that tasteless.

The naan bread is not pictured because it was a FAIL. Seriously, I need help with things of the bread nature. (MOM!) I can't ever seem to get my dough to rise enough. The naan ended up tasting good, semi yeasty but not to noticeable...but it was very flat and pitaish. We will definialy be using it for a pizza crust sub, or even spread some peanut butter and honey on it...but I want to try it again after I get some counseling from the mighty baker. (mom again!)

We spent our morning volunteering at the garden for the local food bank. I won't bore you with all the details of how the food banks work here, except that most of them have AMAZING gardens where they grow fresh produce to give out weekly.
Today we did a lot of harvesting. Corn, tomatoes, beans, some squash, watermelon, green onions and a few other odds and ends.

It made me super anxious for our garden next year. I think we are going to look into taking a few gardening classes. There is actually a program here where you can get certified to be a master organic gardener. It sounds pretty awesome and Eric might be taking the course in the future.

Church tomorrow and another WONDERFUL trail run! So excited!

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