Thursday, September 9, 2010

We have chairs!

Since we moved here the only major pieces of furniture that we have bought is our bed and our table. We are waiting for jobs before we invest in more furniture.

One thing we came to realize that we needed was chairs. We kind of thought we could get away with just sitting on the floor or on the bed since we weren't going to be in our apartment all day. We thought wrong.

After sitting in bed working on resumes or applying for jobs online, the very last thing we wanted to do was stay in bed and fall asleep.

So today we headed out to our favorite store...Ikea! And we bought these nice, pretty comfortable chairs for pretty cheap.

They do the trick.

When we got home from Ikea, we had this beautiful package waiting for us.
Becca sent us a house warming gift and I love it.
It's really, sooo beautiful and the colors will work wonderfully in our apartment!

Yay! Can't wait to put it up!

In other news, I have been applying like crazy. No bites yet but here's to hoping!
Eric had a phone interview yesterday and he said it went well.
He will hear something next week either letting him know they are passing or if they want to pursue a in person interview.

We have only been here two weeks but I am starting to get anxious. Just trying to remember that its in God's hands and it will all work out.

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